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About Us

We understand that organizations today find themselves increasingly challenged as digital voice and data technologies rapidly change and merge. Business users and customers are demanding more services and capabilities. The pressure is on to leverage existing systems while also upgrading to new technology and creating flexible infrastructures. All of this must be accomplished in a way that ensures security and reliability. At the same time, economic factors are forcing everyone to do more with less.

Bel-tronics expertise will help you address these challenges. Our services provide excellence and value by supplementing your own capabilities and allowing your staff to focus on their core competencies. If necessary, we can assume responsibility for all of the processes necessary to keep your voice and data networks performing well. Our approach is always client-centered and personalized to meet your needs.

Bel-tronics has dedicated high quality, unbiased services to our customers for more than 20 years. Our staff work diligently to increase their knowledge of evolving communications and data technologies and maintain an awareness of the offerings of multiple vendors. This enables us to provide truly unbiased service. Our clients are multifaceted, from health care and small business to fortune 500 companies and banks. Many of our clients utilize us as their own telecommunications and information technology departments. We provide service contracts and just in time resources.